Your photos just got better!

Love taking photos with your cell phone?
Add some sizzle to your shots
with a Selfie Stick!

Named by Time Magazine as one of the top 25 inventions of 2014.

Better Selfies!

Take great selfies! No fisheye view, mirror, timer or outstretched arm.

Add your friends!

Don't ask a friend or stranger to take photos.
Get all your friends in the photo.

Better Views!

Include great background views of the places you're visiting.

Concerts and events!

Lift it above the crowd for great shots at concerts and events.

Difficult or hidden views!

Reach around walls and into narrow places to capture difficult and hidden views.

Use it with tripods or your tablet!

Use the mount to attach your cell phone to a standard camera tripod.
Use the handle to release the shutter up to 30 feet away on your phone or tablet.
(Bluetooth model only.)

All this with the SizzleShot monopod, the extendable "Selfie Stick"
with the remote control shutter release in the handle.

Its adjustable adapter attachment mounts to any cell phone or digital camera.

Take the best photos and videos on your iPhone, Samsung, Android or other mobile device.

Limited time offer includes free bonus photo composition and cropping software for Window or Mac.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.